Life Enhancing Design


At Sense of Space, we start every project with a blank canvas (this being a metaphorical canvas - we do actually draw on computers!). We have no pre-determined doctrines, no house styles, no hidden agendas and no standard solutions. Everything is bespoke because we see design as a process. It is a process which needs to respond to an infinite number of variables, a client's brief and expectations, the nature of a site or existing building, the local environment, the global environment and the means by which people will interact with the building in such a way that the design will enhance peoples' lives. As a result of this approach, all our projects are different - we believe it is quite difficult to spot a "typical" Sense of Space design. From a client's perspective, the process represents a journey of discovery - we see ourselves as "enablers", guiding and advising but not forcing our clients to go down a route which they are not comfortable with.


We believe that good design flows from getting the process right. Our approach is not a stylistic approach but one which requires an understanding of what makes buildings and spaces life-enhancing, together with an appreciation of proportion, rhythm and harmony.



"We gave Sense of Space a particularly complicated project, to which they applied themselves in a most professional and patient manner, with a positive result for all parties".


Sir James and Lady Hill

Why We Are Different


Our aim is to bring life enhancing design to all of our projects. Like most Architects, we design, draw and deliver buildings, obtaining Planning and Building Regulation Approvals and managing the process from start to finish. What sets us apart from others is the quality of our ideas and their ultimate delivery.


If you would like to find out more about our unique approach, please get in touch.

A Chartered Practice

We are an accredited RIBA Chartered Practice.  This means that we comply with strict criteria covering insurance, health and safety and quality management systems.

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