0.1 Space 18R | 0.2 Space 18L

This package of drawings comes in 2 formats with both a left hand and right hand option available to purchase.  This is to allow the extension to function with both sides of most semi detached houses.  The images below show the right hand option (0.1 Space 18R).


The extension has been designed to suit the majority of typical suburban houses in the UK.  The main features of the design are as follows:


  • Flexibility in use i.e. kitchen, dining room etc.
  • Flexibility to suit 'connection' to existing building.
  • Flexibility in internal finish.
  • Flexibility in heating method.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Lightweight timber framed construction.
  • High thermal performance.


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0.1 Space 18R Visualisation


Below is the basic plan view of the extension.  This level of detail will form part of a planning application.  The extension provides approxmately 18.4 sqm of usable floor space that can form a new dining room or living space to the existing property.


0.1 Space 18R Plan
Sample detail



To the left is an example of a typical detail extracted from the drawing package.


This level of detail will be appropriate for a Building Regulations approval and enable a builder to construct the extension.


Below are further methods of viewing the design.  The Youtube video demonstrates how the sunlight could pass over the extension (depending on the orientation of your house) before providing a flythrough around the extension.



The Sketchfab link allows for greater movement and the ability to manipulate the angle to view the extension in 3D.


Sketchfab Controls:

Left Click - orbit camera.
Right Client - pan camera.

Scroll Mouse Wheel - zoom camera.


020 Extension by Sense of Space Architects on Sketchfab

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